Our Story

Kristina and Anton work beautifully together in performance with our friends.  They create a believable story and interactions with the puppets so that they very much come alive in the eyes of the audience.

Kristina moves the action along while Anton animates his creations and disappears into the background.

Together they will captivate you!

Anton and Stage Hand


Being an artist and performer, the idea of bringing to life my creations excites me.  I am always looking for another way to create, play, entertain, inspire, and motivate the audience.

kristina smaller size1


Kristina is a trained ballerina, performer, and artist.  She moves the show along as the Hostess, Fairy, Witch, or other characters for whatever the show's theme is!

Her love of children and creating magic will have you hanging on every word and action.

She is also an accomplished costume designer who creates the costumes for other shows that she is involved in, from pirates, to bubbles to magic and more.